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Clogged Drain

A clogged drain can cause major problems in your home. Not only does it prevent you from using your sink, toilet, tub or other affected area, water backing up into your home can cause significant damage including ruined carpet, foundation issues and even mold and mildew.

Swell Plumbing unclogs and repairs drains, helping you avoid these concerns. Also, we can recommend ongoing maintenance and simple things you can do yourself to prevent future clogs too. Our goal is to leave you with a free flowing drain, quickly and affordably.

At Swell, we are experts in solving all types of clogged drain issues including:

  • Kitchen Drains – Kitchen drains run slower over time when grease, soaps, detergents, and clogs build up on the inner walls of the pipes. Eventually, a blockage may occur. The high amounts of fat in the pipes mean that we need to use specialized equipment to cut through these clogs.
  • Shower and Tub Drains – The culprit for shower and tub drains is usually hair and soap buildup in your pipes. Let the Swell Plumbing team reduce these clogs and get your shower or tub drain moving freely again.
  • Bathroom Sink Drains – Hair, toothpaste, soap and grime all build up inside your bathroom sink. Over time, this can clog the drain and keep water from smoothly flowing as it should. We can remove these clogs and clean the entire pipe, so your drains flow just like new.
  • Toilet Drains – Whether it is just a clog of toilet paper or something that got flushed that shouldn’t have, Swell Plumbing has the equipment and expertise to deal with toilet clogs.
  • Floor Drains – These ducts are common in garages, basements and laundry rooms, among other spaces. A floor drain is a magnet for dirt and grime so this may become clogged over time. Let us help you return your drain to working order quickly and affordably.
  • Downspout Drains – Some homes have downspouts that channel water from the gutters into the city’s sewage system. If these drains become clogged, your home could be in danger of flooding from the outside in! Allow us to unclog these and keep them flowing smoothly now and in the future.

If you need assistance with a clogged drain or any other plumbing issue in San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills or any of the surrounding areas, call or contact us at Swell Plumbing. We are always here for you!

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