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Pinhole Leaks

Imagine a tiny leak the size of a pinhole in a pipe between the walls of your Newport Beach home. While the leak may not cause you any significant water loss, the slow trickle of water is dripping into your insulation and wall, creating a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

What Are Pinhole Leaks Anyway?

Around 80% of homes and businesses in the United States have copper pipes. While copper pipes have many excellent benefits, there is one drawback. Chemicals in the water can cause pitting, leading to pinhole leaks. Of course, other issues can cause small leaks too. It does not matter what the cause, the results are the same—small leaks that can wreak havoc on your home from the inside out!

In many cases, these pinhole leaks are so small that you may not notice them on you own, which is why our infrared leak detection service is so important. No matter how the leak is found, it is vital that the problem be repaired right away. After all, one of these leaks can start as just a trickle but easily turn into something much more severe it is not resolved quickly.

The Swell Plumbing repair team offers repair solutions for nearly any type of leak. This allows us to prevent damage to your home, stop the small issue from turning into a big one and perhaps even save you money on your utility bills. The key is to be proactive. Do not put off leak repair, no matter how small the problem seems to be.

If you would like to talk to our leak evaluation team or discuss your pinhole leak problem with a specialist in or around Capistrano Beach, Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, or Aliso Viejo, call or contact us at Swell Plumbing. We look forward to helping you with all your plumbing needs.

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