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Swell Plumbing is your re-piping specialist. No matter what your problem, large or small, we can help!

Pipe Options

At Swell, we offer many different pipe options. This includes pipes made of copper, PVC and PEX. Polybutylene pipes were once used in millions of homes and was in fact billed as the piping of the future. However, after a few years the piping began to fail. This piping is no longer acceptable by building codes in the United States and Canada. Therefore, we are always eager to replace this type of pipe when we find that it is in a home or place of business.

With other types of pipes, we are happy to work with you to repair or replace defective pipes—depending on the particulars of the situation and your personal desires or budget.

Common Pipe Issues

Many common problems can occur with pipes. One issue occurs when objects are flushed down the toilet. This often results in a major repair or partial pipe replacement. Tree roots seeking water can enter sewer lines causing sewer pipe replacement.

Water pipes must be protected from freezing under winter conditions. Otherwise, the pipe can burst. Repairing or replacing a burst pipe is a major issue. Preventing the concern in the first place by protecting the pipe by insulating is the most important step and not that difficult.

The most common pipe problems are leaks. Pipe leaks are not always easily spotted and sometimes leak detection equipment is needed to find the problem. However, even a small leak can be a HUGE problem. Sometimes replacing the pipe saves money and prevents further damage to your home or structure.

If a re-piping job is necessary, copper piping systems, PVC or PEX piping are the most common types used today. If you want to learn more about repiping in Ranch Santa Margarita, Dana Point, Irvine, Laguna Hills or other nearby locales, call us at Swell Plumbing. We can set up a consultation to talk about the options and resolve the situation right away.

Orange County Plumber, Plumbing Services in Aliso Viejo, CA Over a decade of experience and my company's commitment to integrity and excellent work have earned Swell Plumbing, the trust and respect of the community. For your repair and emergency service needs, you can count on us for that leaky faucet or pipe, to replace a fixture to update your bathroom or kitchen, leak detection, slab leaks,as well as for water heater repairs or replacements, your satisfaction is guaranteed.


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